According to the National

Highway Traffic Safety

Administration more than 800,000 people suffer from whiplash every year. Costs related to whiplash total more than Five Billion annually. Proper care can increase healing time, promote proper tissue repair and reduce residuals (long-term or permanent effects).

In 2010, the average claim for injuries to cover both the insured driver and others involved in the crash had risen to $23,450.  


“I thought it would just go away.” This is a very common response from those in a car crash and many hope that the pain will just go away, but that’s not always the case.  In fact, signs of early degeneration and permanent changes can be seen as soon as 7 to 11 years after a crash. Only a professional can diagnose the extent of your injury.

What is the reason that New Life Chiropractic & Rehab is the smart choice after an accident?

In a word, experience. Dr. Gunsolus has over twenty years of clinical experience and case management. He has testified as an Expert Witness and is familiar with the issues that may arise from traumatic injuries that may complicate a case and result in increased injury, healing time and residual symptomatology. Many of these issues are ignored by other doctor’s but have a direct impact on the amount of compensation needed to rightly address a patient’s injury and loss.  

You will directly benefit from the Doctor’s ability to communicate to you, the patient, in “plain-language” so that you can understand the process and make well-informed decisions about your health and recovery.

Unlike other doctors, who are confined to a small window of contact with the patient, we are dedicated to taking all of the necessary time needed to make you feel comfortable and will attempt to answer every question you may have.

Gold Standard Care

What truly makes us the Gold Standard is our ability to explain your condition to the members of the insurance and legal professions. We thoroughly address the issues that matter to you and your legal representation. Those issues may include:

  • Presenting injuries.

  • Depression of long-term illness.

  • Post-Traumatic Stress.

  • Complicating factors.

  • Treatment plan.

  • Future care.


Accidents do happen but they don’t have to be that scary. You can eliminate a lot of “on the spot” uncertainty by spending a little time in preparation. This can be as simple as following these few steps:


•Reading this information with your teen.

•Keeping up on car maintenance.

•Practice “distraction free” driving.

•Slow down at night and in weather.

•Don’t assume the “other guy” can see you.

This information piece is not intended as legal advice or to replace State or local laws and regulations. Always seek legal advice from a licensed, legal representative. If you do need a referral, we can help find experienced, ethical legal representation.

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What to expect:

When you arrive at our office after your accident, you will be greeted with a warm, friendly smile. We know this experience can be a bit unnerving but just know that we have been down this road many times and it is our goal to make you comfortable, answer all of your questions and give you some idea of what to expect in the coming months ahead.

There will be some paperwork specifically for your type of accident. If you are injured at the fault of somebody else, this is commonly know as a "Med-legal" case and it is important to records the details as soon as possible. Our office staff will go over all of the forms with you and the doctor will answer any question you may have about your recovery and rehabilitation.

You will receive an examination. The doctor will perform every exam himself. An assistant may be present but rest assured, the doctor will be the one performing the examination and rendering any necessary treatment.

If x-rays or advanced imaging is deemed necessary, you will be scheduled asap and the results will be faxed to the doctor and the findings will be discussed with you.

Home care instructions will be given to you.

You will not have to pay anything at this time.You will be asked to sign a lien and the bills will be sent to the responsible party.

If you need an attorney, we will be glad to help you choose an ethical respresentative and to avoid those that, through our experience, need to be avoided.