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Dr. Richard M. Gunsolus, D.C. graduated from Bellflower High School in Southern California, attended California State University Long Beach and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1996.

 His professional achievements include:

  • I.C.A. Certification in Spinal Trauma.
  • State of California Industrial Disability Evaluator.
  • State of California Qualified Medical Evaluator.
  • Qualified Expert Witness Orange County California.
  • Qualified Expert Witness Los Angeles California.
  • Radiology Operator and Supervisor State of California.
  • National Registered  Certified Medical Examiner United States (pending).
  • Local High School Team Doctor.

He and his wife Melanie have  three wonderful kids, have worked with the local homeless for nine years, lead outreach teams to the Philippines, and spend countless hours as advcates of the underserved.


Whether you are just trying to get in shape, recovering from overdoing it in the yard or healing from a serious car accident, choosing the right doctor will make the journey easier.


  1. Car accident.
  2. Dealing with stress.
  3. Optimum health.
  4. Enjoying life.


  • Natural health care
  • Why chiropractic works
  • Wellness strategies
  • Health challenges
  •  Migraines
  • Women's issues
  • Dealing with fatigue
  • Injury/auto immune link

Our philosophy is threefold:

1. We work for you. Our job is to help you reach your wellness goals as efficiently and as economically  as possible, even if it means sending you somewhere else.

2.We are experts in the field. With 20 years of experience in treating patients  of every age, you can be assured that you will receive safe, state-of-the-art and outcome-proven care for you and your entire family.

3. Early intervention is key. Ignoring pain and symptoms rarely turns out good. It can mean the difference between a few visits of conservative care, and risky surgery.

About Us